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About Us

The ZalaZONE Park is the dynamically improving industrial district directly next to the Automotive Proving Grounds, which provides a quite frequented location to those interested in the automotive industry and industrial business. The focal point of the park is to provide a competitive environment for proving, validation and the advancement of modern technology, research and development.

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Why Zalaegerszeg?

Excellent location, easy accessibility from every direction

Available workforce at a favourable rate

Strategically set for developing locally

Advanced industrial sector in the region

Continuous local and governmental developments in the region

Settled partners


The proving ground of Zalaegerszeg is outstanding for its focused attention on both the more traditional functions of the proving ground, such as driveability and driving stability, while also encourages research and development in regards of the vehicles of the future; in a system which provides multi-layered validation. The uniqueness of the proving ground is that there is not only an opportunity to carry out traditional vehicle dynamic tests but it also gives ground to the validation testing of electric and self-driving vehicles as well.
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The proving grounds of Zalaegerszeg also embarked on a conjoined enterprise with the Austrian AVL automotive research company, the primary aim of which collaboration is to be able to provide the financial sustainability of the proving grounds meanwhile being able to also enable the future utilization of it with the highest professionalism possible. The AVL-ZalaZONE LTD is the one in charge of the financially driven sales, including industrial promotion and marketing, as well as providing the necessary conditions for testing. Having founded an “an infrastructure which is suitable for testing merges with the expertise, managing experience and development engineer competences of the local automotive market” the AVL-ZalaZONE LTD is the one responsible for its financial sales.
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In the past 17 years the Hungarian AVL has become the cutting edge centre in the field of powertrain systems, putting more and more emphasis on electric and hybrid technologies as well.
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Rheinmetall AG, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, is a powerful, internationally successful enterprise. As an integrated technological group Rheinmetall is in a cutting edge position in both the fields of eco-friendly mobility as well as protective safety technologies. Rheinmetall is the most important supplier of protective and safety technologies in Europe. Its products mark the global standard of excellence in the most different fields of science: from vehicles and force protection through weapon systems and the equipment of pedestrians and air defence, to network supported warfare capabilities, electro-optics and simulation technologies.
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